Located in the lap of the Fishtail and Annapurna Mountains and situated in the valley of the lakes, Gandaki University (GU) is located in the beautiful city of Pokhara, a metropolitan area quickly becoming the education hub of south-east Asia. Gandaki University was established in 2019 to provide world-class education in keeping with the most recent international trends in University education. This includes interdisciplinary choices of the subjects and student-centered pedagogical approaches that will assist students in meeting their life-long goals and dreams. Gandaki University is designed to be a leading national center for excellence in higher education in Nepal, aspiring to achieve rank among the top universities of the world. At the same time, Gandaki University provides a congenial space for teaching and research to meet the growing demands of the global context. Gandaki University is committed to fostering quality education adhering to democratic values and high ethos.

With the Brand the mission -“Welcome to the Future” – whereas Gandaki University thrives for the advancement of society through knowledge which helps students not only education for a living but take the lead for peaceful living in chaotic situations they might have to face during their life trajectory. Strategically, we plan to introduce a broader framework and direction with the explanation of how University will provide a new direction for the students’ future- Branding needs to cover with all means of media and create and foster the environment of togetherness, collectivism, friendship, and ownership among the Universities- national and international and internally (administrative staff, faculties, students, locals) and concern stakeholders- government, advocacy group, NGOs, Civil societies, INGOs, business communities, and beyond as needed.

Vision of Gandaki University

  • Develop the human resource capacity of Nepal, especially in science and technology along with other disciplines considered vital for improving the quality of life of the people such as information technology and management sciences.
  • Provide liberal and human education to the brightest and the most dedicated students that a new class of quality leadership is nurtured devoted to the development of Gandaki Province and Nepal.