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Research Center, Invention and Innovation Center

academic excellence through a combinational approach of teaching and research

Gandaki University



"Our closely connected individuals' perspectives..."


"The collaboration between Gandaki University and us serves as the foundation for invention and innovation within Gandaki Province. We are immensely grateful to Gandaki University for this opportunity."

Dr. Mahabir Pun Founder & CEO of National Inovation Center

Message from Director

Gandaki University, established as Nepal’s first provincial university in 2019, has embraced a mission of academic excellence and knowledge dissemination both within its academic community and the broader society. With a strong emphasis on research’s pivotal role in education, the university launched the Research Center, Invention and Innovation Center (RC-II) in 2021. This center, spanning various programs including Pharmacy, Sports Management, Information Technology, Management, Law, and Environment Science/Sustainability, actively promotes research initiatives among students and faculty members. By offering research grants, fostering collaborations with national and international institutions, and simplifying grant administration, RC-II strives to catalyze research, innovation, and economic development on local, national, and global fronts. To learn more, we welcome you to explore the details on our website.

Raj Kumar Thapa, PhD