International Relations and Development Affairs (IRDA)supports and facilitates the international mission of Gandaki University. It provides services for faculty and students and offers international educational and cultural experiences for the University and community, and is a major contributor to the globalization process of the University and growing its reputation as a major international educational and research center. IRDA focuses on

Global Engagement

IRDA is always working on creative programs to increase opportunities for students and faculties to get involved and facilitate growing relationships between international students and faculties outside Nepal through social, cultural and educational activities.

International Events

IRDA regularly hosts and collaborate with various international institution to a variety of workshops, conferences and events to build academic excellence and supporting students’ academic and professional growth.

International Researchers/Scholars

We provide support for international researchers and scholars, as well as individual advising for students who wish to enrich their education through international study and intellectual and cultural exchange. Gandaki Universities can provide volunteer faculty positions to the interested International Researchers and Scholars will to provide service in Nepal. IRDA can facilitate these Researchers and Scholars to get Study VISA from Department of Immigrant. IRDA has also been facilitating the visits of International Professors in Gandaki University.

Ravi Bhandari

International Relations and Development Affairs
[email protected]
Contact: 977-9856038362

International Partnerships

With the goal of internationalizing Gandaki University focusing on activities in research, education, and engagement, the IRDA has been developing international collaborations, from general Memoranda of Understanding to more specific joint efforts, which are formalized as Memoranda of Agreement or Student Exchange Agreements. IRDA facilitates the development of formal international agreements, which deliver specific, mutually agreed upon outcomes, and serve to enhance and further the university’s strategic international goals.

  • Joint Degree
  • Joint Research
  • Joint Academic Program
  • Collaborative Projects

Collaborations with national and international institutions

Gandaki University within its short period of establishment has been able to develop partnership and collaboration with various national and international institutions. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) have been signed with these institutions to establish bilateral relations leading to breakthrough in research and knowledge, the free exchange of ideas, and enduring quality long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

MoU with International Universities and Institutions

  • California State University, USA
  • University of Central Missouri, USA
  • Medi-Caps University, India
  • Inter-Governmental International Organization
  • Colombo Plan Staff College for Human Resource Development in Asia and the Pacific Region, Bhutan
  • Inha University, Republic of Korea
  • Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey
  • Global Education Board, USA
  • Central Luzon State University, Philippines
  • Bielsko-Biala School of Finance and Law, Poland
  • Akamai University, USA
  • Hyupsung University, Republic of Korea

MoU with National Institutions

  • Policy and Planning Commission, Gandaki Province
  • Gandaki Province Academy of Science and Technology
  • National Innovation Center
  • Nexus Institute of Research and Innovation
  • National Academy of Science and Technology

International Research Project

  • Governing Green Transitions (GOGREEN): The global research project initiated by Roskilde University