Prof. Naba Raj DevkotaProf. Naba Raj Devkota

Born in Gorkha, Nepal, I have been continuously working in the academic sector for last 34 years in various capacities to contribute to the science, being specific to the Natural Resource Management in Nepal. After completing B.Sc. Ag (animal Sc.) degree from TU/IAAS, I had joined IAAS, Rampur, Chitwan as an Assistant Lecturer in 1986 whereas I got M.Sc. Ag. (Ag. System) Degree from Chiang Mai University, Thailand in 1993 through a prestigious scholarship support of MCC, Ford Foundation. Soon in 1996, I got scholarship from New Zealand Government to pursue PhD in Pastoral Science and did my PhD study in 1999 from Massey University. I returned to Nepal and continued my teaching and researching job at IAAS and Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), Nepal.

My entire experience in career development to the position of Professor in Animal Science has been related to teaching and researching. I have served at IAAS and later at AFU as the capacity of Director of Research and Extension for more than 10 years, and has been associated with several Scientific Journals including IAAS Journal, JAFU (Editor-In-Chief), Nepalese journal of Agricultural Sciences (Technical Editor), Global Journal of Agriculture and Allied Sciences (Member of Editorial Board), Journal of EC VET (Editor), and Nepal Journal of Biotechnology (Advisor). Besides I have served at IAAS and AFU in different managerial and policy level positions including HOD, Faculty Board, Academic Councils and University senate for several years. I have produced more than three dozen PG students and dozen of PhD students as the capacity of major supervisor and members of the supervision committee, and have published more than 100 scientific articles in National and International peer reviewed Journals along with several chapters of books, couple of books, manuals and several popular articles. I am also the Founder member of Himalayan College of Agricultural Science and Technology (HICAST), Nepal, and I have visited more than 20 reputed universities of the world representing Asia, Europe, Australia and America.

I joined Gandaki University in October 2020 as the capacity of Vice-Chancellor under competitive and open selection basis that I would like to contribute to this university to the best of my knowledge and experience to produce quality human resources in several required field of Gandaki Province in particular, and to the entire nation and also to the international arena in general. I believe in hard work, disciplined behavior, and would like to maintain honesty in teaching, research and administrative management. What ever I have earned in my entire life, I would like to translate those experience and knowledge to establish one of the best universities in the region in collaboration and cooperation with the several other potential universities and institutions across the globe. I am pleased to learn that we have a very strong, capable and experienced Chancellor, honorable Prof. Gurung to lead this university whereas experienced and reputed team members of Board of Trustee would be exemplary asset to run and lead this university. With the humble and strong support of honorable Chief Minister and Gandaki Province Government, we are committed to deliver world class education, research and to provide required support system to our graduates. Along with our dedicated team of faculty members and staffers, we will move on to the path of developing and establishing new era of education system in Nepal.

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