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Research Center, Invention and Innovation Center (RC-II) was established in 2021 under the Gandaki University Act-2019. The main aim of establishing RC-II was to support Gandaki University’s vision of academic excellence through a combinational approach of teaching and research to meet the growing demands of global context. Research is an integral part of academia that fosters scientific knowledge and awareness among the university graduates and faculty members. Research, invention and innovation are prime requirements for the development of a society, nation and the whole world. RC-II thus promotes research, invention and innovation at Gandaki University through facilitating funds and grants for the researchers (students and faculty members) and promoting collaborations with different national and international research centers, institutions, and agencies. Furthermore, RC-II promotes research-related infrastructure development by establishing a core research facility within the university.

Message from the Director:

Gandaki University is the first provincial university of Nepal, established in 2019. Since its inception, the university has been pursuing academic excellence and is dedicated towards the dissemination of knowledge in the academia as well as in the community. Gandaki University highly appreciates the role of research in education. Hence, it established the Research Center, Invention and Innovation Center (RC-II) in 2021 with the objective to support faculties and students for research activities.

Research is an integral part of the academic excellence. To nurture the upcoming generation with scientific awareness and enthusiasm, RC-II is dedicated to promote research activities within different programs (Pharmacy, Sports Management, Information Technology, Management, Law and Environment Science/Sustainability) run by the university. The RC-II is dedicated to facilitate research activities by providing faculty research grants to the faculty members of Gandaki University. In addition, RC-II promotes research collaboration with different national and international institutions and organizations. Furthermore, RC-II facilitates grant applications and simplify grant administration procedure for the principal investigators from the university.

We hope that RC-II will foster Gandaki University’s aim of promoting research, invention and innovation, and contribute to the scientific and economic developments in the university, provincial, national, and international levels.

We cordially invite you to visit our website for further details regarding the research, invention, and innovation activities at Gandaki University.

Raj Kumar Thapa, PhD

Executive Director

Research Center, Invention and Innovation Center (RC-II)

Gandaki University

Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal