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Research Center and Invention and Innovation Center (RC-II) is one of the core units of Gandaki University (GU) to cater science and community from a new perspective. It encourages, supports, and leads internal (faculties and other staffs conducting academic researches) and external experts (from other institutions and/areas of Nepal and abroad) being involved in research on provincial and national issues. Following the Gandaki University Act 2019, it assists to identify and solve the problems/issues prioritized by Gandaki Province and Central Government of Nepal. It explores the knowledge gap by systematic reviews and meta-analyses of existing problems/issues faced by Nepalese. It ensures high-quality research environment to conduct any study on emerging issues of public concerns widely. Developed systematic body of knowledge in the diverse field of interest will be disseminated through workshops, conferences, and publications. Overall, it provides space for all experts in diverse research fields who are keen to contribute to science and society.

RC-II has wide scope of research ranging biochemical, molecular to ecosystem characterization and their utility for the sake of socio-economic development of Nepal. It covers all burning issues in different areas. For the convenience, the research themes have been organized into the following groups.

  • Toxicology, Eco-toxicology, Toxinology
  • Natural Products Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Phytomedicine
  • Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical, Drug Design and Discovery
  • Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Practice
  • Public Health, Environmental Health, Eco-epidemiology
  • Sport Science, Sport Management (e.g., Sport Good Governance, Sport Marketing)
  • Information Technology and allied subjects
  • Ethnobiology (Ethnobotany, Ethnozoology, Ethnomedicine)
  • Tourism, Eco-tourism
  • Biodiversity Conservation/Ecosystem Health, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change
  • Socio-cultural and Socio-economic Concerns, Social-ecology
  • Medicine, Biomedicine, Biochemistry/Chemistry
  • Physics/Biophysics
  • (Human and other key stone species) Population Studies, Sustainable Development
  • Law
  • Business Science
  • Agriculture
  • Food Science and Technology

RC-II invites all qualified academics and researchers with extensive experience in any of the aforementioned thematic areas to join the RC-II’s Roster of Experts. This roster will be used by RC-II for curriculum development, seeking research grants, writing and peer-review of research proposals and reports and their publication in peer-reviewed journals, participation in seminars and conferences, development of perspective papers on crucial provincial and national issues, expert advice for various purposes. This roster will be available in PDF format so that it can be used by others who need high-skilled experts as an assistance for numerous functions such as reviews and evaluations of project proposals, scientific reports, writing proposals, reports, providing trainings, etc.

So, we humbly request all professionals from diverse fields of research interest to provide your professional information (as it is displayed in the webpage below) and upload your CV to this web portal. Alternatively, the information and CVs can also be sent via email at [email protected]. We heartily welcome your participation in the Roster of Experts. For the kind notice to all concerned, the Roster of Experts will be updated biannually.

Please, scroll down and fill-up the available form so that we can list you as an expert in your core research interest.

Assistant Prof. Raj Kumar Thapa, PhD
Executive Director, Research Center and Invention and Innovation Center (RC-II)
Gandaki University
Mustang Chowk, Pokhara, Nepal|
Phone: 061-460252
Email: [email protected]

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    Toxicology, Eco-toxicology, ToxinologyNatural Products Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, PhytomedicinePharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical, Drug Design and DiscoveryPharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical PracticePublic Health, Environmental Health, Eco-epidemiologySport Science, Sport Management (e.g., Sport Good Governance, Sport Marketing)Information Technology and allied subjectsEthnobiology (Ethnobotany, Ethnozoology, Ethnomedicine)Tourism, Eco-tourismBiodiversityConservation/Ecosystem Health, Natural Resource Management, Climate ChangeSocio-cultural and Socio-economic Concerns, Social-ecologyMedicine, Biomedicine, Biochemistry/ChemistryBiomedical Physics/Physics(Human and other key stone species) Population Studies, Sustainable DevelopmentLawBusiness ScienceAgricultureFood Science and TechnologyOther areas (please, specify): ………………


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