Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) program is one of the most demanding and popular degree worldwide. The BIT program has been developed by the Gandaki University (GU) in order to provide an excellent IT education platform for students as well as to avail ample skilled graduates for the professional business, industries and research. The BIT course is designed with the aim to hone the student’s ability with world class knowledge in advance theoretical and real practical aspects.

BIT graduates will have job opportunities in various fields in computer science and information technology domain. Nowadays, virtually each and every organization, business houses, offices, uses IT services in their daily operations. Internet careers at different national and international, government and non-government organizations, software companies, Telecommunication, media houses and computer networking companies, private and public organizations at different roles including software developers/programmers; Web developers; security experts and Cryptographer; Network, database administrator; Information System Auditor,Artificial Intelligence Specialist;Database Operator;e-Commerce programmers and so on. IT graduates will be eligible to work at different offices of Nepal Government for e-Governance , Master plan and Smart City implementations action programs; along with at Ministries, Security forces, Telecommunication, Airlines, Banks and Data centers, etc.

Our graduates will have job opportunities in private sectors: National and International Companies in Nepal; and can work as Freelancing. Freelancers can work on their own with national and international clients, having huge scope of self-employment. Freelance websites provide a platform for both employees and employers. Some popular platforms where Nepalese IT experts are working are as follows:

      5. List of Freelance Platform can be found:

Besides, graduates will have enough opportunities to work in academia and also for higher studies across the globe. The BIT graduates will open the door to opportunities in National and International Research and Academic Institutions. Deserving candidates can apply for Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants in Academic Institutions, Research Labs and extension service ladders around the globe. Moreover, the students awarded with Bachelors of IT degree from Gandaki University will be eligible for higher degrees such as:

  • MIT (Master of Information Technology)
  • MSCSIT (Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology)
  • MS SD ( Masters in Software Development)
  • MSCIS (Master of Science in Computer Information Systems)
  • MCA (Master of Computer Application)
  • MSCS (Master of Science in Computer Science)