Bachelor of Pharmacy

The pharmaceutical sciences is a branch of Medical Sciences that deals with searching for the new drug molecules, designing, preparing, manufacturing, quality testing, dispensing, and proper utilization of drug molecules.

Why Pharmaceutical Sciences in Gandaki University?

Pharmaceutical Education and Research is a backbone for the development of the Pharmaceutical sector in any country. Nepal surges the production of next-generation pharmaceutical experts to meet the present need for development in the pharmaceutical area. Gandaki University (GU) will be the next leading educational hub to fulfill the gap by starting four years B pharmacy program from 2021. The unique curriculum has included all the multidisciplinary subjects of pharmaceutical education including Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship, Cellular, and Molecular Immunology, Traditional and Complementary Medicine, Herbal Pharmacology and Formulation, Digital Health, Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals, Tropical Diseases and Disaster Medicine, Advanced Biopharmaceuticals, etc. This Unique curriculum is having 166 credit hours (theory: 125, practical: 25, seminar:5, proposal:1, thesis: 6, and professional internships: 4 credit hours). The curriculum enforces mandatory internships for four professional settings of Pharmacy (Hospital, Community, Marketing and Pharmaceutical industry). Its elegance is added by elective subjects like Drug information and Pharmacovigilance along with Veterinary Medicine along with Pharmaceutical Seminars.


The Bachelor of Pharmacy course is designed to gain the following objectives:

  • To produce pharmacy graduates with the knowledge, skills and problem-solving attitude, and who will meet the quality and standard set by the Nepal Pharmacy Council.
  • To enable pharmacists in contributing to the health services and pharmaceutical care need of Nepal.
  • To support and strengthen the development of National Pharmaceutical Industries through highly qualified professional Pharmacists with practical knowledge, skills, and competency.
  • To train, the next generation pharmacists focused on research and development with clinical and industrial skills.
  • To develop competent researchers who will utilize local natural resources in the production of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and Nutraceuticals.
  • To produce potential Entrepreneurs in the field of Pharmaceutical business and marketing.

Scope and Opportunities

With recent healthcare challenges all over the world, the need and importance of healthcare professionals in society is ever increasing. Pharmacists can work as the core members of the healthcare team in different settings from hospitals to community health. The completion of B. Pharm. degree will make graduates eligible for employment in diverse filed including the pharmaceutical industry, herbal industry, clinical and hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, academia, research institutes, and government organizations. It prepares graduates to be Consultant, Drug informants, Military, Nuclear, and Oncology pharmacist. It gives the opportunity to generate pharmacy professionals to work in the quality control labs, Regulatory-affairs, Veterinary science, Clinical toxicology and Nutraceuticals, and Cosmeceuticals Sciences. The diverse curriculum will make students eligible to research in the various fields from drug discovery to community health; drug manufacturing to market.

Admission Procedure

Applicants who have passed the common entrance examination conducted by the Medical Education Commission (MEC) and nominated for B. Pharmacy are eligible for enrollment after match up.